951-2 West Spresser Street
Taylorville, IL 62568
Phone: (217) 287-1315, Ext 3
Fax: (217) 824-4179

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  The Christian County Soil and Water Conservation District is
  dedicated to providing technical, educational, and financial resources
  to meet the needs of the local landowners and users. In partnership
  with U.S.D.A. – Natural Resources Conservation Service and the
  Illinois Department of Agriculture, the District is able to assist
  landowners in controlling soil erosion by applying conservation
  practices on the land. In addition, the District participates in several
  county-wide activities to promote conservation and environmental
  education. Through the educational programs sponsored by the
  District, it is hoped that future generations will continue to help
  conserve our most valuable resources, soil and water.
Photos courtesy of USDA NRCS